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Glad® Blue Recycling Bags, Tall 45 Litres, ForceFlex, Drawstring, 26 Trash Bags

Glad® Blue Recycling Bags

Blue Garbage Bags

Specifically for customers living in municipalities that allow plastic bags, GLAD blue bags can handle all your recyclables and help you avoid the hassle of overflowing blue boxes. The unique ForceFlex Diamond Texture stretches with your trash to prevent rips and tears. Their dependable strength and large capacity means you can recycle more without the spills or messy clean up. And thanks to the drawstring closure it’s easy to carry even heavy bags out to the curb. GLAD. Guaranteed Strong.

  • Trusted Strength and Quality
  • Secure Drawstring Closure
  • ForceFlex Stretchable Strength
  • Manufactured in Canada